Cowardice Cannot Become Valour


Our time of need in this time of day:
Let us take hands, I pray thee. Pray.
When did cowardice become valour? When did life become
So cheap? When did blood become our reward? When did the smile
Fall prey to the sword? 

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The Gamble


A year or so ago, I found myself lost, alone and subjected to a seemingly unanswerable question: ‘Why acting and not journalism?’

At the time, I just shrugged and may have let out the faintest of boyish squeaks… May have. But that really got me thinking: ‘Why acting… huh?’

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What Do You See?


What is that makes people different? For better or worse? What is it that we are that defines us? That publically applauds us? That social condemns us? Is it our skin? Social background? Or cultural values? Is it our ability to overcome weakness? Or rather our inability to conquer our demons? What is it that we see when we cast our fiery judgements? The simple truth is that we see a lot of things. Yet we refuse to see everything. Why? Because that ‘’everything’’ is frightening.

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Legends that Outlive Others

The eventual Part II to one of my earlier works ‘Greece: The Mother of Modern Theatre’. Here goes –

The Commedia dell’arte presented Europe with the first crisp taste of modern theatre, and through the work and inspiration of renaissance artists and architects, the path to indoor theatres and scenery was soon carved. However, with the unspectacular diminishing of the Italian Commedia dell’arte and the transition into the Elizabethan era, England began to conceive playwrights who would soon shape the foundations of modern theatre and stand toe-to-toe in comparison to the late masters of ancient Greece. Continue reading

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Hunters of a New Age

In the beginning there was nothing. An insurmountable void. A great faceless chasm longing for existence. Then, in an instant, all that is known came into being. The Big Bang, the genesis of time, mystery, chaos and beauty. It existed. A wonder that birthed infinite galaxies, galaxies that would one day in turn host something unthinkable. Life. But even more so incredible, the human species. Continue reading

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Greece: The Mother of Modern Theatre

Ancient Greece achieved enormous heights in political, cultural and technological advancements and has had an emphatic influence on the development of today’s Western civilisation. From construction to destruction. From agricultural necessities to medicinal discoveries. From science to religion and from philosophy to democracy. From the conceptualisation of basic geometry – one of the earliest known divisions in mathematics – to navigational properties in the form of cartography. The ancient Greeks gave to the world a whole host of things that it would continue to use for centuries succeeding them. Continue reading

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Twenty Years and Counting

On the brink of celebrating a stupendous twenty long prosperous years, the PlayStation (PS) continues to mesmerise and dominate, both national and international sales, having found its way into nearly every household harbouring a television in the country. Continue reading

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Detached at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

fb270d8003388c87b9e94b19a77b1bbdConfused about what to see at the Fringe this year? Don’t be.

Why I donated to the Detached project?

The unique approach and conceptualisation of Detached was surely one that had intrigued me. It is often rare when we see such contemporary yet socially shunned themes taking on the big stage. As individual’s, we are notoriously hardwired and ever so unwittingly reluctant to acknowledge our own sense of detachment.

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The Start to a Lost Generation.


With the acutely obstinate issue of youth unemployment escalating and bludgeoning its way through the economy; one may feasibly argue that the government is not exactly ‘prioritising’ this catastrophe and indeed delivering a deadly blow to the youth of this generation.

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Excuse me, do you Sell Happiness?


Although similar to my earlier writing: ‘A Passion for Pursuit: A Pursuit for Passion’, this blog was particularly inspired by my upcoming performance in Tom Moriarty’s Detached, showing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. In this original new drama, Lucy ruthlessly deconstructs three failed relationships to ask the questions that most of us are afraid to ask. Robyn: The Dancer, Ashen: The Artist and Daithi: The Musician, are three men who have taken pieces of Lucy’s heart. On the surface it seemed as if she had found something in each that could reveal true happiness to her but looking deeper, there were flaws in both parties that led to one inevitable place…

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